Sunday, April 17, 2011

does coming in June

We will be getting 2 or 3 Nigerian Dwarf does from the Boyd's Farm in mid to late June, I'm not sure which one of these we're getting yet, but don't they all have beautiful markings.   This last week the Boyd's and I touched base about when kidding will take place, because she knows I want to be there shortly afterwards to see the mom's and babies and take some pictures.  I am so excited and can hardly wait till I can bring them home.  We are getting their area all ready, and still need to prepare their paddock, and build a goat milking stand.  I have been wanting goats to milk for years, ever since I had a Nubian for about 9 months that I milked.  We all loved the taste and flavor of the milk, and she gave about a gallon a day. 

With the milk, in addition to drinking I am planning to make goats milk soap, and as many dairy products as I can, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, cottage cheese, sour cream etc.   Nigerian Dwarfs are smaller than Nubians, and I'm not sure exactly how much milk they produce, but I thought 3 does in milk would be perfect to start this year.  In the late Fall, we'll breed them for next Springs kids, Nigerian Dwarfs typically have twins or triplets.


Anonymous said...

Wow I cannot wait to hear all about milking and the different uses for goat milk! I LOVE goat milk and am trying to learn all I can so that we can have one someday!

Have a great day!

Deborah Granick

Jewel said...

Deborah, I am so excited too for making milk products. I spent time a couple years ago practising making all sorts of dairy products, and kind of had a creamery going in my kitchen for a few months.

We were buying raw jersey cow milk with lots of cream on the top. I made butter, cottage cheese, mozzarella, yogurt, and of course we all enjoyed drinking it. Goats milk is delicious if taken care of and properly chilled right away.
Enjoy the weekend!

Sarah said...

Jewel- Hey! LOVE that you are getting goats! I LOVE mine. My friend has Nigerians and she says that they don't milk as much as a Nubian, BUT their butterfat in the milk is higher. Making it easier to make butters and that sort of thing. I think unless I had a professional butterfat separator, it would be nearly impossible to get enough butterfat from my Nubi's to make butter...Though it IS high in Nubians! I want to get a higher butter fat goat someday so I can make some extra things! Or a separator.... Not sure which yet... :)

I just got a gallon from my 2 Nubians this morning. I don't milk them in the evening, because I let the babies nurse on the mamas all day... Keeps the babies healthy and keeps me from having to bottle feed everyone. Good trade off... But in another 3-4 weeks, babies will be weaned and we can have all of the milk! YAY!I love not having to buy store milk... I know my children are getting good milk when we have some from our goats.

Blessings on getting your new goat girls! :)