Thursday, September 29, 2011

having fun with the goats

Zolena (aka Zoie)  loves to clown around, here she is asking for grain.  Goats are all about fun and good food, they keep us all smiling with their charm and humor. 
Jersey is a total sweetheart, she will always be the one hanging around the most for attention.  Jarin calls her glamour girl because she is such a beautiful, girly goat.
Stormy flying through the air, he loves to climb the rocks and does the most amazing leaps off of them,
the higher they are the better the ariel stunt.
Running and leaping and off to play in the meadow.


Sara Schumacher said...

Julie, the goats look SO happy!! Beautiful weather? Im jealous! haha Its 95 and HUMID HOT here today :/

My boyfriend, Rafal, wanted me to thank you for teaching me the Artisan bread, I make a few loaves a day and hes gained about 6lbs since last week! haha :)

I add shredded cheese and different herbs depending on the meal we are going to eat it with :)

WannaBePioneerWoman said...

Isn't it wonderful to take such pleasure in the simple things?! I can't wait to have chickens and maybe some goats one day. As it is, our two dogs and cat (that thinks she's a big dog!) make us laugh every single day. Can't imagine life without our critters. And I'm looking forward to see what your surprise chicken turns out to be. Thanks for sharing!

Jewel said...

Thanks Sara, I can't believe it's still so hot where you are, it will be October tomorrow! So glad you're having fun making bread. That's a great idea to add cheese and herbs.

Hi WBPW, I waited for years to be able to be get chickens and goats. It was a slow process for me, so hang in there. I've always had dogs and cats and love the spirit and energy they bring to our lives. The surprise chicken will be fun to guess what it could be as it feathers out.
:) Have a good day, thank you both for reading and commenting.