Saturday, January 14, 2012

snow storm

We awoke this morning to a dusting of fresh snow, just as predicted.  As the day wore on it began to get dark and windy and the snow really started to come down.  Just like a snowglobe, the snow went every direction as the wind blew.  Stepping out my back door, this is the view of the woods behind the garden, big Douglas fir and Hemlock trees.  The trees surrounding our property are giant, and they always look extra big with snow on them.  The puppies had fun playing in it today, and the goats stayed inside their snug little barn.  I fed everyone undercover, and gave extra helpings of alfalfa and grain.  They're saying more snow is on the way.

I like to cook when I'm cooped up inside, so I made a sweet potato pie, the smell filled the house with the sweet spicy aromas of cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.  It turned out delicious and we just finished eating a piece with whip cream, sitting by the fire all snug and cozy.  We had glasses of goats milk to wash it down, Yum!

We've been feeding both of the fires, cleaning, and playing outside most of the day.  I waited until the snow stopped around 4pm to go milk, I do have a covered area, but the snow going sideways still made everything wet on our milk stand.  In early December I switched from milking twice per day to once a day during these darkest of days.  I plan to pick back up again with 2 milkings per day in mid March as the days are getting longer and warmer. 

I decided back in the Fall not to breed Zolena this year and just milk her through the winter until Jersey freshens in the summer and I can begin milking her.  I'll have several months where they'll overlap, and the cheese making will really begin to happen.  It takes a lot of milk to make cheese.  I'll also have Joon's milk and nigerians have the highest butterfat milk, it has loads of cream.  It's so fresh and thick it whips up into cream in seconds, plus it's wonderful for cheese making and soap making.
Naptime in their new bed that Dad made for them over the holidays.  We have two beds he made just for the dogs to give them their own cozy spot.  Summer's in the one on the other side of the porch, it's kind of like a dog living room now.  They see me with the camera and open their eyes to say hi, still tired from playing in the snow.

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