Monday, March 26, 2012

root cellar

I have loved old fashioned root cellars for years and have dreamed about having one for just as long.  Root cellars are perfect for storing many types of garden crops to last through the winter, and since ancient times man knew that for foods to last a long time they had to stay cool and dark.  Over the last few years we began to talk more about building one, and last summer finally made a small step forward.  We had a back hoe out here to remove stumps from land we cleared behind the vegetable garden.  When large rocks were unearthed they gathered and placed them in a pile where the root cellar will go.   I also asked my husband to dig into the East facing hillside, I knew we couldn't go too far into the hill because he has to build a framework to pour the concrete, and then it then will be covered on the top and sides with soil. I'm glad we have step one complete. 

It's been fun gathering ideas on pinterest for us to know what we want to do before we begin.  I like the round entry door in the the photo above, and yet I would want it faced in stone like the one at the top, only with the rock from our own land.  The entry door will be thick wood with large hinges.  I'm also researching temperatures and humidity factors for a cheese cave.  It may need it's own separate room inside.  All four of these pictures from pinterest are on my site.  I just put the link on the sidebar today, they're under my root cellar board and you will find the actual website and articles where these pictures came from.

Shelves lined with summers bounty and the roots and fruits of the garden lasting through til Spring, this inspires me to keep the dream alive.  How fun to walk on a short trail from the house to the cellar and emerge with a basket of fresh food from the earth. 

I went out this morning and took a picture of the spot where we're planning for our root cellar to go. It's close to both the house and the garden.  This summer we'll gather more rocks and do some landscaping around it.  But it won't be built this summer, we need a goat barn first and that will be a summer and fall project.  For now I'm just dreaming on a rainy day, following 3 of the most beautiful days we've had since early February.


Misty Meadows said...

I miss having a root cellar. We use to have one when I was a kid. Hubby and I too, are planning a root cellar. But I have no hill. Pretty much flat land.

bluetick said...

I want a root cellar too! We started one last year but still have to finish it. Great photos you found...what great inspiration.

Jewel said...

Misty Meadows after growing up with one I bet you really miss having one. There's great article on my pinterest site, one of the picture's I used, the one with the shelves of canned jars, they built a root cellar on flat ground and then put a building over it with stairs down to it. The old homes that have them are so lucky. Bluetick, we have so many things in common, I hope we all get a root cellar in our future.

Simply Scaife Family said...

That you for sharing some beautiful inspiration!

Olivia said...

oooh! I would love to have one of those! sadly it's not on the agenda anytime in the near future but we have a place under our house that can work for cold storage I think! While it lacks character it will still work practicly!!