Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Big News!

I'm turning the page in the novel of my life and getting ready to enter a new chapter, one that is ushering in the next generation of our family! Yes, it's true... I'm going to be a Grandma and am I ever excited!   You can see in the picture above my very pregnant daughter Christina (due Nov.1st), along with all of my children.  This picture was taken at her baby shower a month ago.  Both sides of the family were there to shower the soon to be parents with gifts.

One of my gifts for our new grandson (we already know he's a boy) is a newly grafted baby apple tree that I will graft and plant just for him.  It will be a honeycrisp apple tree, and I'll do the tending of it.  He'll have his very own tree that only he can pick from, and I'm going to have a plaque made with his name and birth date and every new grandchild we have will get one too.

This year will be an extra special Holiday season for our family as we celebrate with our first grandchild.  All of the kids and Grandpa are as excited to welcome him into the family as I am.   Knowing that someday I would be a Grandma, I saved things over the years, things that I've either collected or kept, a cute little rattan chair for toddlers, old Disney movies my kids loved, dolls, legos, a tiny bicycle, and a whole treasure chest filled with the best Halloween costumes over the years.  I'm kind of a pack rat and sentimental, two things that cause one to save all kinds of things.  So now I'm glad I saved them all.

We're only a little over a month till her due date and I'll be on call to go to the hospital, because part of her birth plan is to have me with her during her labor and birth.  I remember well all of my birth stories and shared some more with her yesterday about her birth in particular.  She's my oldest child and is almost 22 years old, I'm so proud or who she is, and know she'll be the best Mom.  When I hear her talk and the words that come out of her mouth, I hear the same spirit and faith that is part of me. 

This holiday season we are going to be blessed with a gift from God, and I can hardly wait to hold him and give him a kiss from Grandma!

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