Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm in Love

My little "Romeo" 
Roman David born November 3rd 
8lbs. 2oz.
I fell head over heels in love with my new Grandson from the minute he was born.  The strong maternal feelings were so overwhelming that I just wanted to bring him home to love and cuddle.  Of course my daughter wanted to bring him home to her house too... imagine that.  I told her they would just have to move in with us so I could see him everyday.  It wasn't realistic but that's how I felt, I'm thankful they only live about 30 minutes away so I can see him often. 
The birth went well, my daughter was amazing, and her fiance' Michael was a shining star. I have a whole new appreciation for him as I watched him care for her while she was in labor for 20+ hours.  Both his mother, sister, and I were the support team right along with him.  I was so proud of my daughter Christina and glad I could be with her through the long night at the hospital while she was in labor.  Little Roman came into the world healthy as can be and has a full head of dark hair, he was beautiful even as a newborn.  You can see in the picture above at a couple weeks old how adorable he is!  When I hear grandparents gush about their grandchildren, now I understand, I wasn't prepared for the love that wells up inside us for grandchildren, but it surely does! 


Mich Heywood said...

Congratualtions on being a granny, glad ma and baby are okay :)

Jewel said...

Thank you Mich! I'm loving every minute that I get to see him and hold him. He's so precious.