Saturday, December 18, 2010

Northwest Honey

Applegarth Farm is located at about 1200 ft in the Cascade foothills.  Most of our harvest is about 2 weeks later than in the valley.  This includes honey gathered from blackberry and wildflowers.  The early honey I collected in August is light and fruity, and so delicious, the best honey I've ever tasted.  The darker later honey is also delicious with more mineral notes to the honey.  They're both a Connoisseur's delight!  We gathered this honey, plus another gallon of the dark, and several more jars, along with a couple of trays of honeycomb.  Which we just like to nibble off of as a dessert, or yogurt topping.  We have 2 beehives, that I've had for 4 years, last April I replaced both of them with new bees.  We had a wonderful nector flow this last summer, that was extended due to mild conitions, the blackberry blossoms lasted a long time, and produced a large portion of the flow. 


softearthart said...

We had bee hives for 15 years, but the virora mite got them, cheers from New Zealand Marie

jewel said...

I've replaced my bees a couple different times over the last 4 years. The first year from Nosema, the second year they were weak going into the winter from Swarming in the summer. They're still in the winter cluster so we'll see come Spring. Cheers to you also, Nice to hear from you softearhart in New Zealand.