Sunday, March 13, 2011


One day old kittens are so cute.

This is Zora, she had her kittens 12 hours after Tigger had hers.  Last year we got 2 kittens, and didn't know if they were boys or girls.  I checked to see if I could tell around Christmas time, and thought they both might be girls.  I knew they needed to get in quickly to get spayed.  Well one thing led to another, and it must have been 2 weeks later I saw our local wild tomcat (he's beautiful by the way) and wondered if possibly they had gone into heat.  I called around to a spay station to see when they'd be in the area, and was planning to get them both fixed.  Well before I could I noticed both their belly's swelling.  We haven't had a cat that had kittens for 11 years, and then only twice ever.  We never had any problem finding homes for them, and still know where a couple of them are. 

Here's Tigger nursing them too, both moms purr and close their eyes and knead each other on either side of the kittens as they nurse, it's one big happy family.   Tigger had her litter first,  late Friday night I went to check on them.  Kaley and I had made 2 nest boxes a couple weeks ago in preparation.  Hoping they would know to have them in the boxes that were nice and clean, with an old pillow and blanket so they'd be cozy.  Cats are pregnant for around 65 days.  So we knew by the look of their swelling bellies they were getting close. 

When I peeked in on them Friday night, both cats were in the box, Tigger had 5 kittens that were still wet, and both moms were purring and nursing and licking them.  I guess Zora was like the midwife, and wanted to be right in there too.  The next day she had 6 kittens all in the same box, not in the other box I had made up for her.  They are both incredible moms and taking such good care of them.  So now we have 11 kittens that are so cute, and will be fun for the kids to watch grow for 8 or 9 weeks.  We already have homes for 4 of them, with family and neighbors, and will have to find homes for the rest, they are all beautiful as you can see.   If you live local and want a good barn cat, these moms have been fed well, and are also great mousers.  They are our first line of defense in mouse control.  As soon as the kittens are weaned we will be taking both moms in to be spayed.

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