Monday, March 28, 2011

the scent of soap

This is what my kitchen table looks like.  3 of the batches of soap I made this last week, in addition to the lavender batch.  I made lemon grass soap and poured a few in a floral pattern, along with some big family sized bars.  I also poured a batch of mint, and the brown soap is cinnamon oatmeal.  This one I may save for early Fall.  I made it simply because I had cinnamon essential oil, I also played around with a little swirling to see how it looked.  I like the lemon grass and lavender for this time of year. 

My whole house smells like a soap factory, it is one of the wonderful benefits of making soap, the house smells so good, not overpowering just delicious, we're all enjoying it.  I took these pictures and now have to clear off the table so we can eat dinner tonight.   


Homemade Alaska said...

Your soaps are gorgeous!

Jewel said...

Thanks Homemade Alaska! I'll be having a drawing for some in a few weeks when they're cured.

Little Home In The Country said...

Hello from Alberta, Canada! I just found your blog and I LOVE it :) Your soap is absolutely stunning. I have all the ingredients on hand now and plan to make some with my daughter in the very near future - thanks for the inspiration!