Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bluebelles's baby Snowdrop

Bluebelle and baby Snowdrop

Sister's and best friends

These are  one week old nigerian doelings, aren't they the cutest ever?  About a month ago I put a reserve on a doeling out of Bluebelle from Rhodie Ridge Nigerians.  She was pregnant, and we weren't sure if she'd even have a doeling, but she did, not one but two.  Tuesday Kaley and I went to go pick out which one we wanted, we picked Snowdrop.  She will be Kaley's 4-H goat to raise and show.  She has good bloodlines, her dam is out Poppy Patch and her sire is a Pecan Hollow buck. 

Jessica the owner is local, and her children are also in 4-H too, so it's nice to have a new friend in town.  She has chickens, rabbits (I'm also getting a Champagne d'argent buck from her the end of August) and she raises Nigerians.  I have met the nicest people in the goat world, and am having a lot of fun.

Snowdrop will be ready to come home in about two and a half months, when she's weaned and old enough.  I didn't know when I put reserve on her that I would also be getting the Nubian and Lamancha.  Now she'll have a whole goat family to come home to.  Goats like to be in  herd of 5 or 6 or more, just having two seemed kind of lonely for Stormy and Joon, they seem happier with more friends.

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Misty Meadows said...

so adorable!!! One day I shall have a milking goat. For now, I have to be happy with my Jerseys.