Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is this really all for us?

Long before the goats ever came here, we were getting ready for them, the fencing was a big job.  Here are the goats looking out over their new pasture.  They are more deer-like in what they eat, and are browsers more than grazers, they love to eat salmon berry and blackberry bushes.  The pasture is meadow and forest with salmon berry and blackberry bushes edging almost the entire pasture.
Jersey has won over everyone's heart,
she will just come and stand beside us to be loved, scratched and petted

Looking the other direction of the pasture.
My new Lucky Star Lamancha saying "thanks Mom"
She is sweet and beautiful, and produces a gallon of  the most delicious milk a day,
I never thought I'd own a Lamancha,
 now I'm so glad I do. Her little ears are called elf ears.

Joon bug is such a sweetheart,
she stands perfectly still on the milk stand, and let's little Kaley milk her twice a day.
She likes having new friends to share her pasture with.


bluetick said...


Your newest additions look happy and healthy! Your pictures of them are beautiful...makes me want to try goats. I have issues with gives me bad headaches..I even tried goat milk once and did the same thing if I didn't have a problem with milk your posts about your goats would have me out looking for my own.

Everything is so green at your house I just love looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Misty Meadows said...

goats are cute. I don't have any, yet. Maybe one day.