Friday, October 21, 2011

12 days old

Summer is a great Mom, we're all so proud of her.  Look how big and healthy her 4 puppies are at 12 days old.  The 2 males are in the middle, one is blond like his father, and one is dark red like Summer.  On either side are the females, one is a little lighter than the other.  Their eyes are all just beginning to open.

We like to sit on the floor by the fire with them and snuggle and love them.  They are so cute and the little noises they make are adorable.  They are just beginning to get up on their legs and practise walking instead of scooting, so being contained is becoming essential.  We're all having so much fun with them and are enjoying watching them as they grow up.
You can see how light the blond male is, he's going to be beautiful like his Father.  I just love the dark goldens too like Summer, her coat is a dark reddish golden and shines in the sun.


Anonymous said...

My kids and I are oohing and aahhing. :) So sweet.

Anonymous said...

look at those pudgy little butterballs- so precious!

how fantastic for the whole family to watch these pups flourish :)