Friday, November 4, 2011

fall garden

Looking out my bedroom window towards the South, and over-looking my garden.  The vegetables in the garden are winding down rapidly for the year, the low temperatures have been around 38 degrees.  We haven't had a hard killing frost yet, but it will be here soon.  I still have some potatoes, carrots and beets to dig.  We just got a couple bales of straw today, so now I can line a deep hole with straw, cover it with dirt, and plastic for a winter root storage.  In the photo above you can see all my concrete columns for fence posts, hopefully in the next year, in the plans are wooden gates to the garden, there will be four in all, along with a wooden arbor along the left side.  I have hardy kiwi's planted and ready to climb the arbor next year. 
Remember the picture of my warm season crops of squash and pickles, well the warm and sunny month and a half we had was exactly what it all needed to grow.   Not a huge crop of delicata, but enough to enjoy for a dozen meals over the winter. 
Over the summer we had the crane over by the garden and set these stones in a circle for a new fire pit.  We have enjoyed grilling right over the open wood fire, the flavor  imparted to our just picked meals is delicious.  I love the fact that it's just outside my kitchen and deck for outdoor dining and entertaining.
 I just harvested all of my zucchini, and sunburst patty pan squash, we've been enjoying lots of sauteed vegetables and steamed kale as side dishes in our Fall meals. 
tomatillos love our climate, I never plant them, they just come up yearly on their own (like many things do in my garden).  We get a couple large harvests per year and I make salsa verde`.
One of my favorites "Delicata Squash" 

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