Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Snow

We had our first snow a few days ago, it was about half an inch, and the goats and puppies sure had fun playing in it.   Frozen water buckets and rabbit bottles were extra work, along with hauling hot water out to the goats and chickens and thawing frozen hoses.  Fortunately the snow didn't affect the roads into town.   You can see in the picture above that we have our herd of 5 goats going into winter.  Snowdrop is the newest goat we have, she's a little 4 month old white Nigerian Dwarf doeling, she came here about a month ago.  The goats have added both fun and work into our lives, along with milk, and lots of wonderful compost material.  We are working on fencing and I spent the day cleaning out their goat barn and filled it with fresh dry straw.  I've also spent time everyday studying the goats and watching for signs of being in heat. I have a record for both Zolena and Joon and their last dates in heat, and am waiting for Jersey to come back into heat, somehow I must have missed her last one.  We've already tried to have Joon bred once, but I think our timing was off by a day. 
The puppies are growing so fast, they're 6 weeks old now.  This morning they all followed me out to milk right along with their Mom.  Summer loves the routine with all the farm animals, and  goes with me whenever I head out to the barn, now I can tell the puppies will love going out with us too.  They were fascinated to watch the chickens and goats, Zolena just carefully stepped around them and jumped onto the milking stand.  Goats and dogs once they get to know each other, get along quite well. 
 This is Rhododendron  Ridge Sparkling "Snowdrop",  her father is Pecan Hollow Bronze Snapdragon, and mom is Calico Creek Meadow Bluebell.  Her mom Bluebell has a gorgeous udder, and her father has good udder genetics as well.  Snowdrop was the first goat I put money down on over the summer, she wasn't even born, and I went to see her mother, and put a deposit on a doeling, not even knowing if she'd have one.  We had to wait for her to be born, then wait 3 months until she was old enough to come here to Applegarth.  We have all just fallen in love with her, and her sweet personality, and so have the goats.
Exploring and playing, Josie happy and smiling.
Stormy, Jersey, and Snowdrop all munching on some douglas fir greens.  We took down several trees last week for the fence line and the goats love to eat the tips of them.  The goats are interesting to watch all the things they eat, moss on trees, various ferns, dried leaves (chips),  bark, and of course any edible berry bush.  They are more deer like and will leave the grass as a last resort. 


erin @ from city to farm said...

Those are some seriously adorable, chunky puppies! Goats, snow, puppies - talk about living the life (an exhausting life!). :)

Jewel said...

Thanks Erin, they're all so much fun, the puppies are at an age where they're busy and need tons of attention.