Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Champagne D' Argent

Hazel surprised us all over the Fall when she gave birth to four kits and won Mother-of-the-Year award for her care and nurture of them.  These were the chubbiest kits you've ever seen.  This is a picture of them at 8 weeks old with their mother Hazel. Champagne's d' Agents are an old breed of rabbit from France, they were originally called "French Silver's", there is record of them over 400 years ago.  The kit's are born all black and then gradually attain their full silver coat around 4 months old.  They are a medium sized rabbit and weigh between 9-12 lbs

 If you remember I had my frustrations with this doe not taking care of her litters.  I wasn't going to keep her, however after "The Talk" we had, she decided it was time to become a mother.  Taking time to seriously talk to my animals has brought about changes in them, and perhaps even more in me and the understanding I have for them.  I will hang onto a good animal and keep trying. 
So, I've decided to keep her and will look forward to some good litter's this next year. 

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LuckyRobin said...

They are very beautiful. I'm glad she decided to take her mothering duties seriously.