Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Goldens and Sierra ~ Work and Play

The Golden's and Sierra are constant companions for all of us, they add a richness to our life that is hard to describe.  A few days ago I went outside with my camera  to take some pictures of them at work and play.  They like to be right in the middle of whatever is going on, whether it's peeling a log with Dad, feeding the animals with me, or greeting the girls as they come home from school.  It's always fun to be around our Golden's, that's what they're all about... fun!
Wrestling together is a daily activity.

They like it when we take a break and sit down on the back deck, 
then it's time to get Dad and give him hugs and kisses. 

Sierra, our Great Pyrenees has a different nature than the Golden's, she likes to play and have fun too, but only when she wants to, more importantly she likes to guard and be on watch, that's her nature.  It's only been in the last few months that we've been able to let her loose to run the property, ever since we finished the perimeter fence we've slowly been giving her more freedom.  Great Pyrenees will wander if they're not fenced in as that's part of their nature, they want to check out the neighborhood and surrounding properties, they will traverse a large territory.  She now has 10 fully fenced acres to wander around, however, we've had to train her not to dig out once it was done.  We even had to hot wire the base of her 2 acre pasture that was built just for her, so she wouldn't dig out.  This is a beautiful breed of dog, but remember they need to have a large fenced property, and you have to devote lots of time to training them.  She spent much of her younger years on a leash being trained and keeping a close eye on, she went everywhere with my husband for 2 years, to work, on walks, tied on the porch, in her pasture, and now it's so nice to have her free and staying in the yard.    Everyone loves her, she has a sweet spirit and is truly beautiful.

Josie watching Dad work at peeling a log for his next project, a log entryway.   We don't normally use the trees on our property for clients projects, but this one was an exception.  Rarely do we take down our majestic trees even though we have plenty of them. If ever we do they're usually saved for building projects around home.  I counted the rings on this tree, 61 years old! 

Josie is my girl, both her and Summer are, they will go everywhere with me.  I have spent more time training the two of them, and my husband has spent more time training Sierra and Jesu.  They're all family dogs, but each has a master that they're bonded with.  I've worked with Josie since birth training her and I'm very happy with how she has turned out.  The puppies Jesu and Josie turned one in October, how fast they grow up.  

Below is smiley Jesu (pronounced Jess-oo) we also call him "Bubs", he is a lover and our only boy dog.  All the girls love him and so do we.  Our Golden's are fun loving and want to be with us no matter what we're doing.  This is a breed that is easy to train, wants to please you and be with you, their nature is sweet and wonderful, and they keep us smiling and laughing throughout the day. 

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