Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year Full of Hope

There is something wonderful about starting over with a blank slate for the year, there's a freshness that makes me glad we have another chance for our best year, or at least one better than last year.  Over the last week I've been thinking about my goals, I haven't written them out yet, but I'm at least mulling them over.  Last year I wrote out many of my goals, now it's time for me to review which one's were  accomplished and which one's didn't even come close, I can think of a few right off the bat.  I'll wait a few more days for it to all come together and then you'll get to read another year's worth of goals for our farm, plus I'll review the year.  Somehow writing out my goals really seems to work, and if something works, why change it. 

This year I'm going to have a spot on the sidebar with my goals for the year simply a click away, then when I want to review them at least once per month I can easily see them.  Last year I don't think I looked at my goals enough, I know it will make a difference glancing at them more frequently.  Over the last week I've also been asking my children to think about their goals, not just this year's, but also projecting out 2 to 5 years. Sometimes that's hard to do for any of us, but it's a good habit.  The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to jot down some thoughts, then organize them a little better over the next couple of weeks.

One important thing I do when working on my goals is to ask for the Lord's guidance.  He always knows what is the best for us if we ask Him.  This is the time to think about the desires of your heart, commit your way to the Lord, and then trust in Him and His Word says, that He will bring it to pass.  This is a secret to goals and dreams becoming a reality, at least for me.   How fun it is to actually sit down in a quiet place and begin to dream, what do you want to see happen this year?  Make time for yourself, tap into your heart, then write it out.

If you work or have a business you will have a set of goals for that part of your life, if you're a wife, and mother, you will have family goals.  Then there are personal goals for your home, garden, and yourself, simply things you've been wanting to do.  Some years you just may feel like floating and not having any goals other than simple ones that you know in your heart.  There have been years I didn't write out any goals, but not too many since I learned early on the value of writing them out.
May you dream and plan in this New Year.  Happy 2013!

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