Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to Normal in God's Country

A few months ago we called the phone company and inquired upon when high speed Internet might be coming to our neck of the woods, the nice lady said, "Oh, you must live in God's Country".  Yes we do, and the price to pay is that we must buy a satellite if we want high speed.  After several days of attempting to upload photos and having no success at it, I opened a photo bucket account at the recommendation of a comment from a reader,  by the way thank you for the recommendation 50 after 40.  He recommended uploading photo's onto photobucket and then you can upload them onto your blog for free and there is no charge per month.  Almost 2 hours of trying to upload photo's and I simply took a break and didn't go online for about a week, I sometimes do this when I'm feeling frustrated with my dial up connection. 
Today I resolved to fix the picture issue and what do you know I discovered I haven't used hardly any space due to the fact that I shrink all my photo's to be able to get them to upload. I researched adding more photo space on google and picassa, before I knew it was working.  In case you're wondering, it costs 2.49/mo to upgrade if you ever need to, or a good solution is to use a site like smugmug or photobucket for free, it just adds one step to the photo process.  When I need to add space that's what I'll be doing.

I'm not sure what my problem was but it is now working just fine...go figure!


Michelle said...

Hi greetings from Australia!
Your blog looks so inviting and interesting, I came across it through Plain and Joyful living.
If you dont mind I'd love to follow your journey along, your golden retrievers caught my eye, I have a kelpie x golden retriever that I just adore.

LuckyRobin said...

Just getting caught up on your blog. So sorry to hear about Jesu, but glad the dog is recovering okay. I completely forgot the addy for you blog. I knew it had apple in it, but couldn't think what the second part was. Finally remembered today and now it's firmly in my bookmarks.

Jewel said...

Hi Michelle, so glad you found us, welcome! It's always fun to find new friends online that share similar interests.

Hi Lucky Robin, nice to know you remembered our name. I didn't check my comments for several days and there you both are.
Thanks for thinking of Jesu, he is doing great and finally got to run free with all the dogs last week, it was a long month of healing for him. Now to see back to normal it seems a miracle to us.