Monday, June 20, 2011

buttercups thrive in the country

This is the season for buttercups in the northwest, you don't see many when you drive through town, where yards are manicured and kept just so.  But head out of town into the countryside, and here you'll be blessed to witness a delight to be found in the brightest yellow buttercup.  There are millions everywhere, they line the country roads, and fill the meadows, bumblebees drink of their nectar and my vision is filled with their golden glow. 

I can't help but smile, these are pictures from my garden, the top one is in my vegetable garden, an edge of a path.  They are in many areas that I allow until their bloom fades,their season is short, like the dandelion I adore so much.  I allow them to bloom, or should I say I've learned if you can't beat em, at least enjoy them, the bumble bees sure do.
My flower bed that got neglected this spring has been filled with buttercups, I'm allowing them to bloom at this point and will then reclaim the bed by weeding it thoroughly.  My love for the buttercup is at it's greatest when they're in bloom, once it fades, I pull them out, or use the weedeater to level the paths. 

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