Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Our new cat Kalua came home from work with my husband as a kitten this last Fall.  He had watched the mom raise her litter of kittens, and as they got older, he decided this beautiful, and extra friendly one, would be just perfect to join our animal family here at Applegarth.  He was right, she purrs and hops up in our lap for pets, and she loves to hang out with me in the garden on sunny mornings, just like Dutchess used to do.  Our oldest cat Dutchess passed away last Summer, she was almost 20 years old and we found her under the comfrey plants looking peaceful and asleep, her spirit had passed away... being comforted I imagine under the comfrey.  I missed her so much, she was a daily part of my life since my oldest daughter was only four years old when we got her as a kitten.  Now, I have another cat to love, both her wonderful spirit and her captivating blue eyes. 


Martha said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beloved pet lost and a new love just being discovered.

Jewel said...

Thank you Martha for visiting and your nice comments.