Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Goat Kids

Our little Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat Snowdrop had beautiful triplets one week ago.  The next day was sunny and 60 degrees, so in the afternoon I brought them all outside for about 15 minutes to enjoy the sun, meet the other goats and take a few pic's, then I hurried them all back into their cozy nest in the barn.  Snowdrop had twin doelings pictured above, and all three kids pictured below with the dark handsome buck on the left, we may keep him for the Fall breeding season.  I love all of the colors and markings each kid this year. 

Our Nubian Jersey and I were up all night this past Thursday night as she delivered twin doelings pictured below, they are melt your heart cute, and are miniature replica's of Jersey. She was bred to a Nigerian, so these are miniature Nubians.  We are lucky this year to have 4 doelings so far, now just our Lamancha Zolena is left and she's due this Friday, I hope she has at least one doeling too.

    We've been loving all the Spring babies and new life everywhere we look! 


Margie said...

I've always wanted to raise goats, but living in the suburbs it's not possible. Your eggs and chickens are so healthy looking.

Jewel said...

Thank you Margie, nice to have you visit. Love your blog and your beautiful pictures, it inspired me to join the 365 project.