Saturday, March 3, 2007

Fruit trees in the garden

The plum trees covered in our recent snow.
I bought 11 fruit trees a few weeks ago from Raintree nursery in Morton Wa, they have many to choose from. I studied their catalog all winter, the trees were my Christmas, and birthday and Valentine's present from my husband, whenever he asked me what I wanted all I said were fruit and nut trees! So being ever so lucky to have a husband who can see to the future, and that we will be able to eat from them in 3-5 years, he agreed.
So I got 4 apple trees, Akane, Williams Pride, Honeycrisp, and Ashmeads Kernal. 2 pear trees, a Highland, and Rescue pear, a cherry tree called Black Gold, a Frost Peach, 2 plums, Shiro, and Methley, plus a fig tree Dessert King, and an Almond tree. If you buy trees as bare root they are not so expensive. I also got a couple of grapes, a Venus, and Interlaken, and a male and female fuzzy Kiwi, as the one I have it has never produced fruit, so I don't know if it's a male or female. These were all so exciting for me to get.

I have only planted 8 of the eleven so far, they are taking way longer to plant because as anyone who lives in the country knows, there are deer! Yes and they will strip and ruin fruit trees, especially young ones. So I have been building fences around each one, this is a huge job. I am doing it by myself too, so my goal was to be done by the end of February... but alas we had snow! So they are on hold for a while. I will include some pic's of them when the snow melts.

I did get done pruning the other 10 trees I have planted, that was a huge job too. We took out some trees that weren't producing, I don't know why they weren't, I think they were just inferior trees. I got bees last year, with hopes they will pollinate more effectively. The Kiwi and grapes now need an arbor, so buying the plants and trees was actually the easy part, planning where everything goes and actually building the arbors and fences around each tree is the hardest part. I can't imagine ever going to the gym. I just go out and work for a couple hours in my yard, and stay in shape digging new garden beds, transplanting perennials, chopping wood, carrying wood... you get the picture.

So now I am cooped up inside because of the snow, but I am learning there's a whole world out there, and that there are others like me blogging about their lives... I never knew. So I've been having fun reading a few journals from others, and learning all about putting pictures on etc.

Pic's of trees coming!

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