Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is Finally Here

Finally the daffodils are up, and blooming!!!
This year more than most, I wanted the winter to be over. I think the flooding, the windstorm, and the many missed school days because of the snow, was beginning to take it's toll. Not to mention the cold. Time to move on...the first day of Spring, we awoke to more snow, it snowed hard for most of the day. We live at about 1100 ft, so we are considered the foothills, and will get snow if it's forecast. It can be raining in the valley, and head up our hill, and you can see the snow line half way up. This also means, when it's foggy in the valley we have sun, because we're above the fog line. This is life at Applegarth gardens.

I did go out later in the day when the sun poked through, and dug up half my raspberries to get them out of my garden...the only protected spot from the deer currently. All that is changing because we are building fences, one Jarin has been working on since last summer, going around the entire 10 acres. It's not your average fence either, it's very artistic, because that's what he does. I need to take pic's, and show what he's doing. So now he just dug the first 3 post holes for going around the garden. This is his next project we are going to fence the entire vegetable garden, and are in the process of expanding it. There will be arbors for the grapes, and kiwi's finally.
Here's the entry to our home and Applegarth Gardens, Jarin is so talented!

The biggest problem we have is the deer, they are here everyday, and seem to live here. I do like deer, I just don't like the fact that they love my gardens, and like to eat my roses, raspberries, strawberries, and whatever else looks tasty. Here they are... we had a nice buck last fall, he was safe on our property, but we knew it was only a matter of time before someone would see him as fair game to shoot, and fill their freezer. It was sad when we saw the does, without their buck.

Last year my vegetable garden consisted of one small raised fenced bed. This year I have great ambitions, with hopes the fence will be done soon enough to get some vegetables in the ground. I had left some of the raspberries last summer in the vegetable garden, so we could have a few to pick. I dug them yesterday because they would love to take over the whole bed.

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What a gorgeous entrance! WOW!