Monday, February 7, 2011

the cabin's desk

This is the table in the cabin.  We don't usually eat here, because we eat our meals in the barn at the kitchen table.  This is more a desk, with photo's, rocks, art, cards, magazines and books. You'll also notice, Grit magazine, plus a local bird book that we frequently use to identify birds, we write down the day we first see them come back in the year.  An example, this year we saw our first robin on Feb. 2nd, last year it was on Feb. 6. Since we sit on the porch to drink our coffee in the morning, we get to observe the various birds at different times of the year at our bird feeder.  On the desk, there's also a money plant, for good fortune, the ying and yang frogs, and a cute picture of polar bears.    

We like to collect rocks, the one pictured below is a Chrysophrase, and is one of our favorites.  I love the turquoise, it's the same color as a mountain lake we like in the North Cascades called Lake Blanca.   One of our first dates we ever took was a day long hike up to this incredible glacier lake, there's a picture of us on that day in one of the framed photos on the desk. 

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