Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Angels

Kaley has been having fun in the snow all morning, here she is making a snow angel.  The school district called for 2 hours late today, and since our roads are worse than most, I let the kids have a snow day, most of the kids on our hill will stay home too.  The district knows about our challenges when it snows,  the school bus hasn't been able to come up our hill for the last couple days because of all the snow and icy roads, this isn't just a hill, but a big 10 minute drive up our hill (mountain). 
Jason had to hold Summer so she wouldn't jump in on the snow angel action, she already did twice, and Kaley had to start over.  Golden Retriever's are like kids, they like to play and play, her favorite is to grab a hat and play chase. 

We've been bringing in the rabbit water bottles to thaw, every one's water has been freezing.  It's thawed a little and icicles are forming.  They're calling for cold weather over the next couple days.  After my walk around this morning feeding, watering and taking a few pictures, I've been inside making food, and have gotten the chicken soup stock going on the woodstove, and our weekly bread rising, I'm making 4 loaves of sourdough bread, and it's rising by the woodstove.  I'll be making chicken vegetable soup this afternoon, with barley, lentils, and rice.  The kids have been in and out, and we've been checking on the new baby bunnies, we're happy to report they're all doing wonderful, and are toasty and warm under their downy fur blanket, with the new moms feeding and tending to them. 

 The chickens are hanging out indoors, with sunshine coming through to warm them a little.  We've been getting 6 or 7 eggs a day, and our family eats them all.  We make scrambled eggs, poached eggs, tapioca pudding (from Bobs' Red Mill tapioca)  custards,  and many other things.  We missed eggs through the winter and simply cut back, hopefully we'll soon have a couple hens go broody, and will have spring chicks.
"mama" one of our mini rex does resting a day after giving birth. 
 This is her first litter, she is tired but  doing well.

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bluetick said...


I just love the new picture of your house on your blog! It looks so inviting!!!

I remember as a kid living in NW PA snow angels were always called for with every new snow. Very little snow in SC but last winter it did snow enough once we could teach Travis all about snow angles and he had as much fun as your daughter is having.