Friday, February 18, 2011

fond memories of puppy days

Summer (our Golden Retriever) and Sierra (our Great Pyrenees)  from a year and a half ago, just posted for a smile, I miss the baby days.  J bought Summer for me when the older girls left the nest and I missed them so very much, she helped me through that time of my life.  Now that I don't have my own babies, they're all growing up, I have enjoyed our animal babies, the rabbits should be kindling any day, nests are being built by them in preparation.  We also have kittens (an oops) pregnancy to be arriving any day.  Kaley and I made up baby quarters a couple nights ago.  Spring will arrive with kittens, chicks and baby bunnies. 

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Sara Schumacher said...

SO much fun bringing new life into the world... Love this beautiful post :)