Monday, May 23, 2011

finally home

Last week we spontaneously moved into our big house that has been unfinished for years, we are building it slowly with cash and the time to work on it.  If you read my post called waterlogged and sun starved, you'll understand why I finally made the decision to just do it.  I really have been sun starved and living in the barn, and the cabin we had most of our comfort and functional needs met, but the biggest drawback was the dark, windows were up high, and rooms were dark. 

So now our plan is to work on the big house while we live in it.  It's finished to the sheet rock stage, however, we do have a finished bathroom, a laundry room, electricity and just installed a wood stove.  There are windows that look out over my garden, and from our upstairs bedroom it's like a lighthouse looking over the entire property, North, South, East and West.  We've moved most of the furniture, and all the beds, and have set up home.  This week we'll be working on getting the sink and counters put in, and the stove all hooked up.  The other day I spent hours cleaning an old porcelain salvage sink that is deep on both sides, it must have been set up in a commercial kitchen, but it is cleaning up beautifully.  A good sink is very important, and is of utmost priority, the last couple of days I've been doing the dishes in the bathtub. 

I've been having fun nesting in my new home.  We'll be painting, laying stone and wood floors, finishing the wood trim around windows, taping, texturing and painting the walls, and mostly getting it all functional to start with.  At the same time I'm also going through everything we've had stashed away in the barn, and cleaning and organizing all the stuff that gets accumulated over years of raising children and having a business.  There will be many trips to get rid of stuff at Goodwill, and maybe save some stuff for a barn sale this summer.  In any event, it's a new chapter in our lives, one that will be filled with many happy work filled days.


House Built On Stone said...

i can sympathise with living in a home thats not finished yet, i hope its all goes plan and is as stress free as possible

bluetick said...

That is wonderful news! I know how small spaces can wear on a person so this is a new start in a much larger space even if its not all finished. Have fun nesting in your new home!

Jewel said...

Thank you HBOS and Tracy, it hasn't been without some stress, but day by day we're working on it. I haven't been on the computer much with our move, working on the house, and getting the garden all planted.

Anonymous said...

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