Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to all the mother's out there, who mother children, animals, and all who are in your care.  There is a mothering spirit that is stronger than anything else in this world, it is the heartbeat of a true mother.  She wants to create a loving home, full of memories with her children, she wants to make good food to nourish them, give them Love and understanding to grow, make forgiveness and acceptance a priority throughout their lives.  Most importantly she wants to impart a Godly Spirit, and the knowledge of how to hear the voice of Wisdom, to help them make good choices in their lives.

I am so thankful God gave me the Mother He did, I have been blessed my entire life to have a Mother that has loved me and my children unconditionally through all the mistakes, she still believed in me.  She gave me a foundation of Faith that has carried over into her grandchildren, and will carry over through the generations to come I believe.  My Mom has  always given me a hug and a smile, and good conversation. 

My parents will be up here soon, they live on the Oregon Coast, and like to come stay at their home away from home, that is not too far away from us.  We'll hopefully have a month or two with them in town.  We like to go to garage sales, and run around, we cook and eat together and generally get to spend time enjoying each other.  I wish I could be with my Mom today on Mother's Day, but we'll have a special Mother's Day lunch when she gets here. 

To all the mother's out there, enjoy your day today with your children and family.  For all that you give and do, you deserve to give yourself a special treat, buy yourself something nice, or do something nice just your yourself, today or this coming week :)  I'll let you know later this week what I did nice for myself.


Anonymous said...

Thank you honey for all the nice things you said. You're sweet and I love you and am so thankful the Lord gave you to us. You're a wonderful mother to your children and a wonderful wife to Jarin, and a great mother to all of your animals I might add. :) I'm so glad you like your new job. It sounds like great part-time job. I know I would have liked to do something like that when I was younger. See you next week. Love, Mom

P.S. I can hardly wait to try your new soaps. They really look good and I'm sure they smell good too.

Jewel said...

Love you too Mom! We're looking forward to seeing you and Dad this weekend.