Monday, May 16, 2011

harvesting dandelion pollen

One of my worker honey bees gathering the dandelion harvest of pollen.  There are thousands of bees gathering pollen this time of year, dandelion pollen is a favorite.  They feed it to their young to help them grow from babies to adults.  Can you see the pollen she's gathered on her sides, she's getting full and will then carry it back to the hive to unload and go out again.  Honeybees are tireless workers when the weather's nice, they are wonderful to have and watch through the different seasons.


House Built On Stone said...

thank you for this post i always wondered where the pollen went and its a beautiful photograph too

Jewel said...

Your welcome House built on Stone.

Anonymous said...

gives me the sneeze-zees & the itch-eez.