Sunday, May 29, 2011

a sad farewell to the kittens

 Last Thursday was the day I took the kittens in to Purrfect Pals, a non-profit cat organization that was having a shortage of kittens for this time of year.  They have adoptive families waiting for kittens, willing to pay $150.  I figure if someone is willing to pay that much, they will take good care of their new baby.  It was hard giving them up, we loved watching their playful antics, wrestling matches, races and especially their sweetness towards their mothers and us.  They have been a delight to have around.

We kept the kittens until they were 11 weeks old, so they had plenty of time to play in the woods and learn from their mothers.  We found homes for 4 of the kittens, and took the other 7 in to be adopted.  In exchange for bringing them the kittens, they spayed both of my mother cats, and the little one we're keeping.  So we won't be having kittens in our life for many years.  This was a fun experience we will all remember with fond memories of them, and the miracle of their birth, the mothers faithfulness in raising them, and the tenderness we witnessed, watching them with their babies.

 The little one we ended up keeping below turned out to be a girl, we are still narrowing down our name choices for her.  She is sweet and friendly, and is lucky to stay here, and have both mom's to nurse from and be with. 

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