Monday, February 6, 2012

My sister Joy

42 years ago today I was born and 4 minutes later my sister Joy came into the world, we're identical twins and today is our birthday.  I think I've mentioned my sister but have never officially talked about her and since I really miss  her today I wanted to tell you a little bit about her.

My sister Joy is like a part of me, we talk almost daily and I can't imagine life without her, she's always been there to encourage and support me and I've tried to do the same for her.  Growing up we moved every few years and I think it made us even closer as we only had each other when we didn't know another soul.   We shared rooms, slept in the same bed and talked until we fell asleep, we learned to cut hair on each other and talked about boys and friends and school. 

As adults we now share our children's lives with each other, their victories and challenges, and what we're proud of.  We endlessly rehash the past and know each other's strengths and weaknesses.  We have the same energy and enthusiasm for life and I've never met another who can compare to her.

I remember 8 years ago how hard it was when she moved across the mountains a couple hours away, I used to see her regularly and we usually got together on our birthday.  We'd bring each other primroses and daffodils and go out for lunch sometimes.  She has 4 boys similar in ages to my children and they've grown up getting together for special cousin time. 

She now works as an interior designer and sells interior finishes for homes (carpet, counter's, floor coverings, tile, etc.), it's a natural job for her and something she truly enjoys.  It's interesting how similar we both are, but also how different we are.   

Today for my birthday I talked with her on the phone and wished her a happy birthday, and then a couple of my friends took me out to lunch and we had a nice time visiting and catching up.  Later in the evening our family had ham and scalloped potatoes and salad for dinner.  I had made a german chocolate cake and we had Haagen Daz Java chip ice cream, yum.  My kids all blessed me with handmade cards, a couple books and art supplies, and I had a perfectly wonderful day, but I missed my sister Joy.

Just wanted to share with you who my sister is, and hopefully in the next couple days I'll find just the right picture to post here.


Kim Puzio said...

Happy belated Birthday Julie. I hope you enjoyed your very special day and what a glorious day it was.


Cathy said...

That is so sweet! I didn't know you were a twin. It must be wonderful.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Well, happy birthday ladies!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie! That is so sweet of you. I love you and miss you and feel exactly as you do. We lift each up, share in each others lives and are so fortunate to have one another. I wish we'd been together, it was like a piece of me was missing yesterday. Happy Birthday to my amazing sister. Love you, Joy

Jewel said...

Thank you Kim, Cathy, and Simply Scaife Family for wishing a Happy Birthday, and my sis Joy for commenting too! It was truly a gorgeous day for February, Sunny and 65 degrees.

Glenda said...

Ummm I have a sister Joy. Two families united 54 years ago and made us sisters. Her name is Joy Lynn.
Happy belated birthday.

Jewel said...

Thanks Glenda for wishing us a happy birthday.