Thursday, February 2, 2012

sun and farm fun

Cinnamon and Tigger
daughter and Mother
The sun is shining today, along with a few clouds, but to feel even a ray of sun across the face is something we're all craving this time of year.  I just remembered to pull out my vitamin D the other day, which is something we all need when we're not getting enough sun around here.  The cats are sun worshipping along with all the animals today, and I'm just about to head outside myself and enjoy digging a new bed for some plants that need to be moved.  February can have some of the most gorgeous weather for gardening in the winter, and my body is ready to start getting firm again and my dormant muscles brought back to life.  December and January are over and it's growing lighter everyday.

The moon is still waxing, so today plans are to start my first seeds with above ground vegetables, early cabbage, broccoli and Kale they will be indoors under a light and planted in flats.  In the garden I need to clean out my cold frame, amend with compost and plant seeds of lettuce, spinach, herbs and a few flowers like lupine, delphinium, and bee balm.

Today the goats will also get their paddock raked, cleaned, and wood chips spread to contain the mud. One nice benefit is that I'll get loads of rich compost material to layer in the pile behind the vegetable garden from them.  The rabbits will get their cages all cleaned and I'll get manure compost from cleaning under their cages and spread around the blueberry patch nearby.  The snow has finally melted and we've had some all night rains this last week, so now mud is my challenge.  Fortunately we have large piles of woodchips in the lower meadow from cleaning up the forest, so I'll be taking my power wagon down there to fill it up.  The animals are all appreciative, and so am I when doing their chores out of the mud.

Now that I have my day all planned, I'm out the door to breath in deeply with exercise and fresh air, and to enjoy being with the animals out in the sun and farm fun around here.


Rosalyn said...

I can't imagine how amazing it would be to be able to prep beds in February! I'm looking out the window at about a foot or two of snow. Very welcome, after a strangely snowless winter, but definitely not garden friendly!! Sounds like a lovely day.

Jewel said...

Yes it's still winter for you Rosalyn, might as well enjoy being indoors. We had a foot of snow, then it warmed up and took a couple of weeks to melt. Now we can actually work in the garden again, we're around zone 6-7 and a maritime climate, so we have good gardening weather. I just heard tonight they're predicting sun all weekend, hurray!