Monday, February 20, 2012

seed orders and snow

Over the weekend it was cold and wet, Saturday night we had a light snow and it's still on the ground this morning, the temperature is hovering around 37 degrees, so it should begin to melt.  I had high hopes for sun or at least dry weather this last weekend to work in the orchard, well mother nature rules, so yesterday I ended up by the fire surrounded by seeds, garden catalogs and order forms. I placed 2 orders for seed through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  and Territorial Seed Co.  First, I sorted through all my current seeds and made a list of what I needed and wanted.  As I sipped a cup of tea, I sat dreaming of what my garden will look like this year as I perused the pages of each catalog, reading descriptions and figuring out where each crop will go in the garden.

I had already spent a great deal of time highlighting what I wanted on several different occasions, so putting together my order was fairly easy, then of course I changed my mind and added a few more things.  Somehow I always feel I can squeeze a little more in to the garden, and then I have to expand, just so it can all fit :)  I like to try new fruits and vegetables every year, and I love the heirlooms because of their rich heritage and the fact that I can gather true seed at seasons end.  Even if I don't always do it, I like knowing I can.  Last year I gathered broccoli, and kale seed, so this year, and for many years, I won't have to buy any seed, I have so many.  I've always gathered flower seeds, now I want to focus on vegetable seeds, my plans are to collect more seed every year by allowing a couple of plants at the end of a row to set seed. 

Here's a sampling of what I ordered.  From Territorial Seed Company, I ordered green globe artichokes by seed (my first time ever growing artichokes).  This year rather than grow spindly celery, I'm going to try celeriac (I've never grown this before either).  I have lots of winter density kale seed, but wanted to try a new one, it's a beautiful dark pink and green kale called red chidori.  The Territorial seed company is located in Oregon, so they specialize is some cool loving vegetables, I got sugar sprint peas and super sugar snaps, and some gold princess onion. 

From Baker's creek heirlooms, I've ordered 3 types of bush beans, blue lake, dragon's tongue and golden wax,  beans are a good successive crop and also double as a cover crop.  For carrots I got St. Valery and atomic red, I've planted these before and liked them.   I ordered giant noble spinach, and their best selling seed, rocky top salad mix.  For pumpkins I'll plant two varieties, Musquee de Provence ( a large lobed, brownish one I've never tried before) and one I plant regularly, New England sugar pie, for pie making.  New for me, a summer squash called Patisson gold marbre scallop, some scarlet runner beans (I love these beans), and I'm trying red forest crimson bunching onions for the first time

Every year I order seeds because it's a priority in my life.  If I have extra one's they go into our seed bank, I like the feeling of having an abundance of seed, it's another investment in self sufficiency.  

Are you trying any new vegetables this year that you've never tried before?  Have you ever grown artichokes or celeriac?


Olivia said...

Hi Jewel,
Yes I have grown artichokes and they are a favorite. I love that they are perenial and they are a real treat. When we bought our place they were in the vegetable patch. Unfortunately someone helping me weed one spring yanked them out and I had to start over last year. I am hoping they make it through the winter - that ice storm did some damage. I can't wait to be out planting again!! We don't have any new snow here - just cold and rain.
Blessings, Olivia

Jewel said...

Thanks Olivia for sharing with me about your success with artichokes. I hope yours make it through the winter. I'm wondering if mine will produce artichokes this year or next year? Garden fever has started for me, I'm so ready for another stretch of nice weather.

sierra said...

Celeraic is AWESOME. It is sooooo slow growing though (like, it's a seedling FOREVER and then all of a sudden it's grapefruit sized), and can be really picky. I think it's totally worth the babying it requires though!

Jewel said...

Thanks Sierra for your thoughts on celeriac and that it's worth growing. I'll remember it's like a seedling for a long time, and will watch it grow.