Sunday, February 26, 2012

snowy weekend

Josie and Summer watching the goats beside me.

They all take off running through the snow.

 "You never know they might come back."

 "And we all know... Zolena will get us with head butts, just to let us know who's boss around here." 
The puppies have grown up with the goats and know them well enough to give them some respect.  They also know that Zolena just plays with them and gives them mock head butts, that's why Josie doesn't look too scared.

This is our sweet and funny Zolena, always clowning around with us and the other animals.  She's a Lamancha dairy goat and is our main milker this winter.

Everyone likes to watch Dad building things.  Over the weekend he worked on
a goat fencing project all through the snowy days.  He had lots of company.

A newly installed gate, and fresh concrete posts he made a couple of weeks ago.  

Stormy and Zolena love to play the game of head butt. 
You can see Joon in the distance, she's pregnant and is about halfway through her 5 month pregnancy.

"Enough running around in the snow we're ready to eat and lounge for awhile in our goat cave."  The basement of the chicken coop is the goat barn for our first winter until the new barn is built this summer.  The chickens have the second story, and the goats the lower level, they're totally separate quarters.  The goats all love their cozy little barn, it's on the short side, but once inside it's about a foot above the taller goats heads, it's warm and dry, and they all seem to like it just fine, this is where they sleep, ruminate, and hang out.  

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