Monday, April 16, 2012


There are many different ways to make and form cheese, from presses to molds,  and so many different types of cheeses to try.  It's been fun for me to learn and read all about being a cheese maker, like any artisan's craft, it takes time and many experiences to learn the fine art of turning out truly great cheeses.

This morning I've been making out my order for more cheese supplies, and as I'm looking through Hoegger's goat supply catalog, I spot their cheese presses.  I'm seriously considering buying a cheese press, maybe not today, because I already have a list of needs on the order.  However, Hoegger's has a nice looking one that is maple wood and stainless steel, it has a two hoop cheese press and is ready to use upon arrival.  Considering how much I like things to look nice sitting on my kitchen counter, I'm thinking this may be good investment in my cheese adventures.  I've discussed it with my husband before, and we talked about design and how to build one.  This evening I'll show him the picture and see if we can figure how to make something, or I'll plan for purchasing one. 

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