Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early Spring around the farm

It could be true... we think Jersey might be pregnant.  I've been feeling her belly everyday, and it feels like she has a couple kids growing inside of her.  I hope it's true, we'll all be watching.  This would most likely mean she got pregnant on the first breeding in mid January and will then be due around the middle of June, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping.  Can a goat go into heat every 3 weeks even though she's pregnant, could it have been a false heat?  

Yep, she looks pregnant to me!

Cowboy likes to hang out with everyone and chat.
Serendipity and one of her 3 kits, they're all doing well.

Joon might have twins or triplets, she's getting bigger by the day and is due around the first of May.  Cowboy is the father, they're both Nigerian Dwarfs, along with Stormy and Snowdrop.

This is the mystery chicken that we got as a freebie when we bought the batch of cornish cross meat chickens from McMurray hatchery.  We raised him right along with them and then put him in with the laying flock, we were'nt sure if we'd get a hen or a rooster.  Well he's turned into the most friendly rooster ever, he tags right along with me everywhere.  He's the one walking towards me in the first picture with Jersey, and the one with Joon and Snowdrop.  Right now he's just getting to hang out with the flock, but my plan is to post him on Craigslist for sale.  He looks almost identical to my other farm yard rooster, but he's from McMurray Hatchery so must be a purebred.  Someone may want to add a friendly rooster to their flock of hens I'm hoping.

The new pasture is connected to both the goat and chicken barn, you can see the grass is really starting to grow.  The chickens and rabbits also have their own fully fenced aviary that they still go in often, it has an opening that is small enough just for them to pass through and not the goats.  It's a totally safe zone, however most of the time the rabbits run all over.  We opened up the new pasture and it's been three weeks, so far so good, I was worried about air attacks from hawks or owls.  All the animals are living in total harmony, when everyone has free browse and plenty of food and water, they're all happy.  One important goal we have is for us to eat well, including the animals, everyone in my care is well fed and has fresh food.

Hazel and Filbert saying hi to each other during feeding time. 
Hazel has been building her nest, she's due anyday.

Blooms on the young hazelnut tree in front of the rabbitry.


Olivia said...

spring on the farm - how delightful!

Jewel said...

Thanks Olivia we're all glad it's warming up and everything is growing.

C.R. Urban Homesteader's said...

two of our milk goats are due in may as well! I can't wait! We had one doe who had a "false pregnancy" as the vet called it. It was a bummer but hopefully better luck next year!