Thursday, April 12, 2012

making weed mountains and haulin compost

That's basically what I've been doing in the garden, along with planting peas, getting the cold frame up and going, transplanting seedlings into bigger pots, and weeding all the beds.  It's a busy time of year, early Spring.  This is the time to break sod, dig beds and  move last minute perennials and trees.  I've been working on the fruit tree rootstocks, taking divisions and replanting them into a new bed.  The weed piles I've been creating are enormous as I work through the vegetable garden cleaning everything up.  The compost I made last year is top dressing all the beds and creaming everything with nutrition.  We've had sun the last few days and rain yesterday afternoon, it's been great gardening weather and I've been outside with the animals, in the garden, or making meals for the family.  I'm also happily back to work at the plant nursery a couple days per week. 

Joon is a few weeks away from kidding, this will be my first year ever with goats giving birth.  I've been reviewing all the birthing chapters in every book I have, gathering all my supplies, and I think I have everything I  need.  Next week I'll be focusing on getting Joon's nest ready, the small paddock and a portion of the barn will be freshly cleaned and set up just for her and her new kids, separate from the other goats.  I'm both excited and nervous, and  hope I'm there when she gives birth, I still need to get a vet's number lined up, just in case, although I've reviewed so much I feel pretty confident.  There are a few things I do still need, one is a dehorner, the kids will need to be dehorned at 2 weeks old.  Plus I need CDT shots, more milk filters, and cheesemaking supplies. 

Just wanted to give a quick update, and let you know I'm outside gardening in the fresh Spring air and loving it!!  
Happy Spring!

PS. I've also been working on several posts that are ready with pictures, I just need to finish writing them.  One is sourdough baking, making waffles and scones, one is on fruit trees and berry bushes, another on mozzarella cheese and buttermilk, and one about the hands that built Applegarth.  They're all coming soon.


Simply Scaife Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful start to spring for you! Good luck on the kidding- we just welcomed two new kids to our heard, born Wednesday...such a blessing.
Again, good luck.

Carol............. said...

we've just returned to Western WA (Snohomish Co.)after a winter in Arizona and I have a huge "weed mountain" going on, also!

You have quite the wonderful menagerie at your place!

Hope this weather stays for a bit so I can do the spring clean up after this wet and cold winter.