Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Chapter

This morning my son Jason and I drove to the Smokey Point Department of Licensing, he was going to take his driving test for getting his first license.  He turned 16 a week ago, and has been anxious to get his license and car.  We got there a half hour early so he could practise one more time, stuff like parallel parking and backing around a corner.  I was nervous enough for both of us as he drove off with the instructor.  When he got back and walked in the door where I was waiting, I could tell by the look on his face that he had passed.  This is a memorable happy moment for every new driver, after all the practise and classes over the last six months, it was a relief to both of us. I told him to smile for his picture, of course it was a half grin, too cool to do a full on smile like my first drivers license picture at 16.

After that we went to meet my daughter Heather in Lynnwood at the DMV to transfer her title from my name to hers.  She is selling her car, and buying a newer one today, all on her own at 18, I am very proud of her.

When we got home, Jason and I spent about an hour looking on craigslist for a car or truck for him.  He has been looking for the last month, and narrowing down what he can afford and what make and model he likes.  He has some money to find an inexpensive starter car, and we are hoping to find something soon.

And the final thing... this is my last night being a mother of 4 teenagers, my oldest daughter Christina is turning 20 tomorrow, and we are celebrating her birthday this weekend.  So a happy and tiring day full of big events in my children's lives.  I have been a mother for 20 years now, and am entering a new chapter of my life.

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