Monday, January 3, 2011

Running and Leaping

Can you see the rabbit running along the back of the aviary?  They start at one end, and run as fast as they can to the other side, sometimes leaping and twirling high in the air.

I let the rabbits out in the aviary run today, the chickens haven't been using it as much with snow all over the ground.  I let out Peppermint our angora doe, along with 2 mini rex does.  They all like to run as fast as they can and leap and twirl.  It is a delight to watch rabbits play in the snow.  I want to build a rabbit/ chicken tractor that I can use for both the chickens and the rabbits on alternate days.   At least one until I have 2 and can designate one for each.  I'm also planning on turning a quarter of the chicken aviary into a permanent rabbit pasture.  Peppermint is too big for her cage, and if I want to breed her this Spring, I'll need a new bigger area for her.

Rabbits like dirt, they like to dig for roots, and lay down in it and roll.  They like to eat grass and weeds, and run about.  The bucks especially have a need to dig in the dirt.  I have watched rabbits daily now for 3 years, it makes me happy to give them a little freedom to stretch their legs, and run and play with each other, I think this is important.

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bluetick said...

What a great idea about switching the rabbits and chickens in the tractor. I have been wanting to build our rabbit "Larry" a bigger pen to run and play is and you just solved my issue. We let our chickens free range every other day and on those days I can put Larry in the chicken pen and let him run and dig all he wants. Thanks for the great idea!