Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Rooster

This is Rodney our main rooster.  He will be allowed to grow old here at Applegarth, and will never have to fear being dinner.  I need one rooster who is a permanent resident.  We got Rodney about a year ago in February, I put an ad in Craigslist for a nice rooster wanted.  I received several responses, and chose a small local farm, that just had a few chickens.  He was hatched out in the fall on their farm, when one of their old hens walked out of their barn with 2 baby chicks following her.  All of her chickens were older and friendly, they had one old giant nice rooster, he had taught the 2 young chicks that turned into roosters how to be gentlemen.

The lady said I could have either one or both of the young roosters, she just didn't want them to be eaten, they were too special, and beautiful.  I told her we just wanted a nice one to add to the farm, for our 7 young hens needed a man. 

We brought him home to paradise, he went wild for few days with his young harem, courting, dancing and mounting.  The hens went from laying 1 or 2 eggs per day to laying 6 or 7, they were happy girls, and we had one happy contended rooster.


April Sweet @www.thesweetfamilyfarm.com said...

What kind of rooster is he?

April Sweet @www.thesweetfamilyfarm.com said...

What kind of rooster is he? I have 2 just like him and were told they were pure bred, but pure bred what I dont know:)