Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple Things

I like the simple things in life like food, family, friends, and home.  I like the simple daily rituals we share in our family.

Coffee is a delightful morning ritual, we like to freshly grind our beans right before making our coffee in the morning, and make it in a European percolator, it makes about 3 shots all at once of good strong espresso. The smell of freshly ground brewed coffee is heavenly, and with an extra 25 minutes beforehand I could make it a bakery as well, pulling homemade scones or muffins from the oven.  We serve the coffee in our own special mugs, and top it off with heated almond milk, then sweeten with honey or maple syrup.   This is better than any coffee I can buy, plus I like the ritual it gives my husband and I, as we get the chance to connect in the morning, and talk about our plans for the day. 

I like cooking for my family and friends, to me it is a form of love, and is a chance for all of us to sit down together and share stories of our day.  When I make meals I carefully think about the quality of ingredients, and the  nutrients that will help my children grow and develop properly.  This has always been important to me, and I'm sure is important to most mothers or fathers.   I will rarely go to a fast food restaurant, maybe 5 times a year, if that.  I will go to the authentic Mexican taco truck (I don't count that as real fast food)  usually though I will hold out for good food at home.

We like to eat a good breakfast, not too early for me though, around 9 am is just right.  We'll choose between fresh eggs, and vegetables, an omelet, or frittata, and sometimes just simple poached eggs with salsa, and toast.  I rotate every other day, I'll do eggs or Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal with raisins, nuts, and fruit. or we'll just do a fruit and yogurt breakfast.  Something simple on the weekdays, and fancier on weekends like pancakes or waffles.

I love to read books and magazines, A few of the magazines I like are Grit, Mother Earth News, Countryside, Hobby Farms, and Hobby Farm Home.  I did have subscriptions to some of these at one time.  Now I check them out at the library, we use the library a lot, and figure we pay for it with our property taxes.  Our library also has a wide array of videos, armchair travel ones, concerts, and lots of how to videos.  You can learn to do almost anything from books and videos at the library, plus the Internet and you tube.  My daughter is even learning guitar through videos, you tube, and practise.

A simple pleasure is tending to our farm animals, the chickens and rabbits, and even the honeybees that I fuss over.  I like to feed and care for them, and always take time to say hi to everyone, thanking the chickens for laying eggs for us, and the rabbits for providing, fiber and meat, and manure for the garden.  The cats and dogs get extra special attention as partners on the farm, everyone here likes to have a job and feel needed. 

I hear "Thanks Mom" from the animals I take care of, from the plants I nourish, and the children I raise.  I am a mother to many.

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