Saturday, January 29, 2011

a note to the reader

Well we have readers, I know this by looking at my statistics page, and can see that it looks like there are people going on everyday.  I want to thank you for visiting our farm and garden.  I am having fun writing, taking pictures and sharing a little of our life with you.

I especially want to thank, William, Sarah, Bluetick, Zev, Reiley, Joseph, Emma, Lisa and Softearhart.  You have all been encouraging with your words, and inspire me to keep writing and sharing.  William owns Applegarth Farm in the UK and found us here in the NW, we have similar climates for growing plants and vegetables, and theirs looks like a real working farm that makes money.  He was kind enough to send me a link to a recipe on his website for Damson Plum Tart, and I wanted to share it with all of you here: Damson Plum Tart 

Thank you William for sending me this recipe, I'm looking forward to trying it.  I have actually been wanting a Damson plum tree to plant here on our farm, this may inspire me.  I am definitely looking forward to trying it.  My mom will be thrilled, as she is from Canada, and before that our family was from England.  So growing up in my family we all enjoyed tea time in the afternoon, she may bake it before I do.

If you have wanted to leave a comment or email me and couldn't.  The default set up for my blog account is where only others with a google account can post comments, I left it that way because I wanted to keep the protection of knowing  who my commenter's were.  Maybe others have thoughts about this they could share with me.  I'm still fairly new to all this blog world, and am learning slowly.  I will post my email address on the sidebar.

Back in 2007 when I started this blog, and called it Applegarth Gardens (because we didn't have any farm animals only bees, a dog, and 3 cats)  My husband Jarin and I talked about privacy, he was concerned about sharing too much with the world of our very private life, he still is, but is kind of getting used to the idea.  I used a nickname that I've had over the years Jewel.  Recently I have been pondering whether I should just go by what people call me everyday, my birth name of Julie.  I suppose these are things new bloggers go through, what should my pen name be?? (some I've seen are quite creative) so I changed it for 12 hours, if you saw that, now I'm back to jewel ~ sometimes I change my mind :)

One more thing.  This is a farm and garden blog, I want that to be the focus.  However you will also occasionally hear about our spirituality (small miracles one example).  I learned to really pray and have faith when I had children to care for, especially for their protection, safety, health and well being.  I have always prayed for our health and finances, and have learned over the years to trust Him for all his goodness. For we have always had a roof over our heads, good food to eat, and health in our bodies.  I love to read the bible, and throughout my day I walk in the Spirit, in praise, prayer, and faith.   This is just part of who I am. 

I will also share about health, and the foods that nourish our bodies.  I have had to be a nutritionist for 20 years to raise good healthy strong children, who know how to eat right, and what their bodies require nutritionally.  Sometimes I have just said "eat it, it's good for you, your body needs it."  We are spirit, soul, and body, all three need to be fed, if one is lacking you may try to make up for it with excess in another area.  We also need friends who can help us by being encouraging and help lift our hearts,  I hope I can be that kind of friend to you.

My eye is still healing,  it was poked with a branch a few days ago.   I am being careful and laying low,  when the wind hits it, it still hurts some, so I am monitoring it closely everyday.   Just wanted to give you an update.


Sarah Rachele said...

Julie, my husband was funny about my blogging too, he wasn't sure if it was a good idea for safety reasons with having three small kids. But I think he's warmed up to the idea. I don't use their names on the blog. I just call them my oldest or youngest. I'm glad your eye is feeling better, and I look forward to reading more posts!

bluetick said...

It's nice to know your real name is Julie even though I have gotten to know you as Jewell:)

I am one of those that read your blog very often. It is so nice to hear how you farm in the NW as we farm and try to live more sustainable here in the South.

I have only left one comment when you hurt your eye that was so strange how that happened and how quickly you knew what you needed to do.

When I first set up my Blogger account years ago some how I got the name "bluetick" not sure how that happened but my real name is Tracy and have no connection to a blue tick hound at all:)

Keep up the good blogging Julie!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah and Bluetick(Tracy),
Thanks for commenting. It's nice to connect with others that have the similar interests in homesteading and family.
Tracy, I commented on your Amish post, I loved it, and added you to my list of blogs I read. I also found a couple of other blogs on your site that were great.

Sarah I'd like to read your blog, but for some reason it wouldn't come up for me, maybe I needed to wait longer, I'll try again. It sounds like we both have husbands that are cautious. I grew up with my dad being an officer in the Coast Guard, and my husband was in the Marines years ago, it's their job to be protective of their families.
Nice to have you both along for the adventures. Julie

Jewel said...

I changed my mind 12 hours later, and decided I kind of liked my pen name of jewel, so changed it back. Now you know jewel is julie:)

william said...

I have to say, my world is a little different here at Applegarth Farm in the UK but I have found reading your blog quite refreshing- a very nice way to go to sleep. When I first took the business over 5 years ago, I was very keen on creating a smallholding effect farm - as the business grew, it has slightly fallen away- it's highly refreshing however, reading how 'it should be done' :D


Joseph and Emma said...

I love reading your blog! Your writing is easy to read and your personality definitely shines through -- no easy task while blogging! While our blog was initially Joseph's idea and project, his posts are a bit fewer and far between than mine have been. Isn't it funny how things can change like that?

Joseph and I spent a fair amount of time and thought on finding the right pseudonyms for our blog. We both have unusual names and if you Googled our full names, we'll be the first result. We appreciate the anonymity that the internet can provide, and the overall security that comes from not broadcasting every detail about yourself online. One only has to see the chaos in Egypt to have concerns.

Joseph's concerns are more pronounced than mine are, but I can honor his wishes and do my best to protect our information. =)

Thanks again for sharing!

Jewel said...

Nice to find your comment Joseph and Emma, you two were the first ones to post a comment on my blog when I started writing again after 3 years. It's nice to have people who read what I write and care enough to let me know they like it.
Thank you,