Thursday, January 27, 2011

in bed all day

I stayed in bed last night and all of today to let my eye heal.  I feel like I had major trauma to it, and it's swollen a little, there is some pain and soreness behind my eye (a weird spot).  I can still feel the retina(?) floating a little, but it seems much better this afternoon... big sigh of relief.  My plan is to lay low for several days and let my eye heal.  When I was telling my sister about it this morning, she said "in the blink of an eye everything can change" how true, I'm thankful my sight is clear, and the headache of last night is gone.   

Late last night I had a strong cup of coffee to help the headache go away.  I don't normally drink coffee at night, but it worked.  Today as I lay in bed, sleeping, and reading Julie and Julia (a book about Julie Powell and Julia Child, remember the movie.  I've been reading about all the different recipes (504 recipes in Mastering the Fine art of French Cooking ) She cooked all of them in a years time and wrote a blog about it, this was back in 2002, when hardly anyone even knew what a blog was.

Anyway I just wanted to update  for my mom in case she reads my post small miracles, so she'll know I'm ok. 
I feel like my eye is getting better. 

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